When you view your registry you can only see the HKCU keys as the user you are currently logged in as (assuming you have permission to view your registry at all). In order to view another user's HKCU registry keys while logged on as a different user you must do the following.

  1. Open regedit
  2. Highlight the HKEY_USERS registry group
  3. Go to File>Load Hive
  4. Navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\<USER not currently logged in> and select the files named NTUSER.DAT
  5. When asked for the Key Name enter anything you want. This is used to identify the users keys that you are temporarily loading into your registry.
  6. Now you can Navigate to HKEY_USERS\<Whatever you entered for Step 5> and view another users HKCU keys.


You must ensure that you Unload all loaded registry keys when you are done or else the user whose keys you loaded will have their windows user profile corrupted and they will get woah upset with you.
  1. Highlight the hive you loaded previously in HKEY_USERS
  2. Go to File>Unload file
  3. Answer Yes when asked to unload all current files and subkeys.