Contains all basic information on a fax server:

Troubleshooting Fax Server

Steps to take for general fax server troubleshooting
  • Restart the Fax service from services.msc
  • Restart the Print spooler service from services.msc
  • Ensure there is enough disk space on the partition that is receiving incoming faxes
  • Restart the fax server

Fax Maker

Check log files of all incoming and outgoing faxes using FAXmaker
  1. Access the fax server
  2. Open GFI FAXmaker Monitor
  3. Expand FAXmaker Monitor (Local)
  4. Click Queued Faxes and then click View Logs on the right
  5. This will open sendlog.txt that details sent faxes and rcvlog.txt that details received faxes