Allow an email server to relay mail through an exchange server

Create a new mailbox in Exchange

Create a No-Reply email

Forward emails to another address

Grant User Mailbox Permissions

Increase attachment size limit

Increase mailbox size in Exchange

Multiple email forwards

Outbound Mail Queue

Re-Route emails to use different SMTP server

Routing Group


  • Restart the SMTP service to force changes to take effect
  • Restart the Microsoft Exchange Transport to force to take effect
  • Restart IIS server from command line: "iisreset" if there are problems with the Microsoft Exchange Console


Telnet Command to access an SMTP server for Outgoing mail

# telnet <> <port number>

telnet 25


  • Get the entire exchange database size: Get-MailboxDatabase -Status | select ServerName,Name,DatabaseSize
  • Get the largest Exchange Mailbox: Get-Mailbox | Get-MailboxStatistics | Sort totalitemsize | ft displayname, totalitemsize
  • Give user Editor permissions to a calenderIf permissions already exist:
    set-mailboxfolderpermission -identity < of calender owner>:\Calendar -user < of user wishing to access calender> -accessrights editor

    If permissions are new and don’t already exist
    add-mailboxfolderpermission -identity < of calender owner>:\Calendar -user < of user wishing to access calender> -accessrights editor

Export mailbox to PST and transfer to another Mailbox
new-managementroleassignment -role "Mailbox Import Export" -User Auditor - assign rold to user
New-MailboxExportRequest -mailbox {mailbox} -FilePath \\server\folder\mailbox.pst - take PST from mailbox
New-MailboxImportRequest -mailbox {newmailbox} -FilePath \\server\folder\mailbox.pst - put PST in another mailbox