Blackberry Activation on BES

Determining your BlackBerry Device Software version

Blackberry Enterprise Activation on Phone

BIS Setup

BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry Activation App from BlackBerry App World:

Remote Wipe BlackBerry

Blackberry removed from BES but still has an IT Policy attached

Duplicate contacts showing up on Blackberry Contact List

Email Icon is Grey

Kept Message Duration

Messages deleted in blackberry are not also deleted in Outlook

Security Wipe BlackBerry

Service Book

Troubleshooting Blackberry Activation Issues

Outlook Web Access URL for DSM

Not Receiving/Sending emails?
  • Re-send Service Books then Battery Pull
  • Register Host Routing Table
  • Re-activate BlackBerry on BES
  • Security Wipe then Re-activate BlackBerry on BES
  • If device is not on BES ensure that the Outlook Web Access URL is set properly in the device's email settings

Turn On/Off Internet Access

  1. On the Home Screen find Options
  2. Click on Mobile Network
  3. Turn Data Services Off

Emails sent to Subfolders in Outlook do not show up on BlackBerry

  1. Open Messages folder
  2. Press the menu button (left of the trackball)
  3. Select Options
  4. Open Email Settings and then press the menu button
  5. Select Folder Redirection from the menu that appears
  6. From the folder list that appears select all the folders that have emails filed via Outlook rules
  7. Exit and save settings

Settings to setup IMAP on BlackBerry

user name: email address
server address:
port: 993
smtp user name: email address
smtp address:
port: 25
encryption: Off

net stop "BlackBerry MailStore Service"
net stop "BlackBerry MDS Connection Service"
net stop "BlackBerry Dispatcher"
net stop "BlackBerry Attachment Service"
net stop "BlackBerry Controller"
net stop "BlackBerry Router"
net stop "BlackBerry Policy Service"
net stop "BlackBerry Synchronization Service"
net stop "BlackBerry Alert"
net stop "BlackBerry Administration Service - Native Code Container" /Y
net stop "BlackBerry Administration Service - Application Server"
net stop "BlackBerry Administration Service - Native Code Container"
net start "BlackBerry Router"
net start "BlackBerry Attachment Service"
net start "BlackBerry Dispatcher"
net start "BlackBerry MDS Connection Service"
net start "BlackBerry Alert"
net start "BlackBerry Controller"
net start "BlackBerry Administration Service - Application Server"
net start "BlackBerry Administration Service - Native Code Container"