Directly assign the account a Folder Set

This can be used to give multiple POP3 accounts on the same Outlook their own mailbox

A new and very cool new feature (it’s in my top 5 of best new Outlook 2007 features) in Outlook 2007 is that you can directly assign an account its own dedicated folder set. This dedicated folder set contains the following default folders;
  • Deleted Items
  • Inbox
  • Junk E-mail
  • Outbox
  • Sent Items
  • Search Folders
Because the account has now its own folder set, all the emails are automatically stored in the corresponding folders without the need of configuring anything else like for instance rules. So also your Sent Items are automatically separated by using this technique.
Setting it up is also very easy;
  1. Open your Account Settings via Tools-> Account Settings…
  2. Select the account which you want to redirect to its own folder set
  3. Press “Change Folder”
  4. Press “New Outlook Data File…”
  5. Select “Office Outlook Personal Folders File (.pst)”
  6. Give the pst-file a name and set the location where you want to store your pst-file.
    I recommend to store the pst-file in a location that is also included in your backups. See this guide for more information on that.
    I also recommend to name the pst-file after your account so <account name>.pst
    See this blog post on how to lookup or change your account name.
  7. In the new dialog that pops-up, give an Outlook display name to the newly created pst-file. Again, I recommend naming it after your account name but this time you can leave out “.pst” at the end
  8. Press OK to close the naming dialog
  9. Select the Inbox folder in the newly created pst-file
  10. Press OK to close the New E-mail Delivery Location dialog
  11. Repeat the steps to create additional folder sets for each account that you have
  12. Press Close to close the Account Settings Dialog.
In contrast to using rules to separate your email, you’ll still be getting an envelope in your Notification Area when a new mail arrives. You can create additional folders and rules to further organize your mails. The accounts still share the Contacts, Calendar, Journal, Notes and Tasks folder of your main folder set. You can of course create additional ones if you want. Flagged items will also show up in the To-Do Bar.
The changes are instant although you still need to move your already received emails. I would recommend creating a Search Folder for that in your original pst-file where the messages were received.