How do I open an additional mailbox in Outlook?


This FAQ describes the steps you have to follow to open a second mailbox in Outlook. Before following the procedure, be sure you have the sufficient rights to see the e-mails in the additional mailbox. The additional mailbox must exist on an exchange server where you have access to.


    1. Start Outlook (icon on the system tray).
      external image faq_msol_additionalmailbox01.jpg
      Start > All Programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Office Outlook 2007.
    2. Open the properties of the "Microsoft Exchange Server" Service.
Tools > Account Settings ... (The "E-mail Accounts Wizard" pop-up window appears).
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  1. Select 'Microsoft Exchange' and press 'Change...'
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  2. On the 'Microsoft Exchange Server Settings' tab, select 'More Settings ...'
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  3. On the 'Microsoft Exchange Server', add the additional mailbox select the 'Advanced' tab.In the section 'Mailboxes', select 'Add' (The "Add mailbox" pop-up window appears).

    Fill in (part of) the name of the user who's mailbox you want to open.

    (If more then one name exist, a 'Check Name' window appears from which you can choose the correct name)

    external image faq_msol_additionalmailbox06.jpg
  4. Once the correct name is found, the name is listed in the list 'Open these additional mailboxes'.external image faq_msol_additionalmailbox07.jpg
  5. Click 'OK', 'Next' and 'Finish' to close all windows.
  6. The additional mailbox can be accessed through the 'Folder List'.Enable 'Folder List' view through View > Navigation Pane (ALT+F1).
In case of a problem do not hesitate to contact the helpdesk at +32 92 10 97 24.

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