Protection Policies on a fortinet will block certain websites from going through

Test if the Protection Policy is preventing access or connection to a site

  1. Log on to Fortinet and click Firewall
  2. Click Policy
  3. Under Internal -> External click the policy in place and then click Edit
  4. Uncheck the box beside Protection
  5. Click OK

If you can now access the sites that were inaccessible before you will need to create an exception for those websites.

Create a website exception

  1. Click Firewall
  2. Click Address
  3. You will see a list of exceptions click Create New
  4. Beside Address Name type the name of the website
  5. Beside IP Range/Subnet type the IP address of the website and for the subnet mask (unless otherwise specified)
  6. Click OK
  7. Now click the Group tab and click Create New
  8. Name the group beside Group Name: and add the required address(es) to the Members list and then click OK
  9. Now the website exception is created you need to add a policy for it, click on Firewall on the right side and click Policy
  10. Click Create New
  11. Name the Policy something like Website Exception
  12. Ensure the policy is set for Internal to External
  13. Set Address name to be All and Website Exception (name)
  14. Click OK

The websites will now be allowed through the fortinet